In our board and train program, your dog will come stay with us and be immersed in a 24/7 training environment. It will be a detox type of boot camp training program that is customized to each dog. Behavior modification / rehabilitation is complicated process, there are many factors to why dogs need this level of training. We will help your dog learn to make better life choices, and we will give you clear guidance on how to proceed to continue the progress, after your dog completes his program with us. 



  • Ideal for anyone struggling with more severe behaviors that are potentially dangerous to you, your dog and/or other people or animals.
  • This is a behavior modification intensive rehabilitation  program, it's recommended for owners struggling with very troubled dogs, that are displaying extreme anxiety, aggression, etc. 
  • includes high quality electronic remote collar system ( valued at $220 )
  • 3+ weeks board and training & 3 in-home sessions
  • This program includes unlimited LIFETIME support for your dog. 

Does your dog need an intervention? We will be your detox buffer and walk you through the rehab process.

investment cost: $2297+